Making Spaceflight Safer


Kayhan Space’s integrated spaceflight operations tools allow satellite operators to focus on their core mission, wherever their journey takes them.

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Our Solutions

Conjunction Assessment

Our integrated conjunction assessment solution delivers actionable alerts in real-time reducing the response time to potential collision events by 95%. We remove delays and human error from the critical path of response to a collision event.

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Our Solutions

Collision Avoidance

Our responsive autonomous collision avoidance system prevents catastrophic collisions and helps ensure mission safety. This system autonomously generates optimal courses of action to avoid upcoming collision events, saving many hours of otherwise a manual process.

Kayhan high-fidelity software can model various types of propulsions systems, including impulsive thrust, low thrust, and electric propulsion systems. We can also generate avoidance courses of action via differential drag.

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Our Solutions

Rapid Screening Service

With our rapid conjunction screening capability, satellite operators can screen their ephemeris files and planned maneuvers against the entire space object catalog to ensure flight safety. The screening is quick and can be integrated via our APIs.

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Our Solutions

Launch Conjunction Assessment

Our comprehensive launch conjunction assessment tool is capable of screening launch vehicle trajectories against the entire space object catalog to identify possible close approaches and compute probabilities of collision. The screening process is fast and fully accessible via our dashboard as well as APIs.

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Our Solutions

Orbit Determination, Orbit Maintenance, and Prediction

Our secure, highly-available, and integrated cloud-based astrodynamics product suite is built with satellite operators’ changing needs in mind. Kayhan advanced orbit determination platform is capable of fusing measurements from various sources and generating precise state knowledge of spacecraft. Our orbit maintenance tool generates optimal maneuver plans to maintain the target orbit for the entire constellation. Finally, our proprietary uncertainty prediction technology can generate and propagate realistic state uncertainty into the future.

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Our Solutions

Rendezvous and Proximity Operations Support

Kayhan Rendezvous and Proximity Operations toolkit provides high fidelity closed-loop approach and docking simulation, tracking, and relative navigation support. Whether it is the rendezvous and docking operations of two operational satellites, or the close approach and capture of space debris, Kayhan software capabilities can provide simulation and operational support.

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Our Team

Kayhan Space launched as a small-but-mighty team that is growing rapidly. Our team is now building technologies that make resilient autonomous constellations a reality.


Siamak Hesar, Ph.D.

Siamak Hesar is the co-founder and CEO of Kayhan Space. He holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder, and has previously supported multiple  NASA and JPL missions.

Araz Feyzi

Araz Feyzi is the co-founder and CTO of Kayhan Space. Araz holds a Master’s in Information Systems and has spent more than fifteen years leveraging technology and analytics to improve processes for startups and Fortune 500 companies.


Kevin O'Connell

Former Director, Office of Space Commerce

Ret. Maj. Gen. Robert Wheeler

United States Air Force

Mike Hurley

President of Team 3i, Former CIA case officer

Dr. Jonathan Fentzke

Managing Director at Techstars

Carie Lemack

CEO & Co-Founder of DreamUp, Techstars Mentor

Amy Zimmerman

Co-Founder of PeopleCo. & Chief People Officer at Relay Payments

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