Kayhan Space at Commercial SACT (Sprint Advanced Concept Training)

March 1, 2021

We are proud to have participated in the 20-3 (November 2020) Commercial SACT (Sprint Advanced Concept Training), a live, remote, simulated developmental training event sponsored by the United States Space Force, U.S. Department of Commerce and the Air Force Research Laboratory. Commercial SACT advances international civil commercial space operations. We are also looking forward to participating in the upcoming 21-2 SACT event.

Commercial SACT events allow different commercial and government entities to work together to respond to both real world and simulated space operational events in real time. The entire Commercial SACT event was performed remotely, and Kayhan Space assigned two of our team members to rotate during the 8 hour America operations shift.  By joining the Commercial SACT event, Kayhan Space was able to first and foremost see the government end-users in action, which helped our team learn about the requirements for new technologies in the space defense arena. 

We were also granted the opportunity to work alongside other commercial players who have complementary technologies to the Kayhan Platform and understand the landscape in greater depth. Finally by participating in the Commercial SACT events we were able to showcase our capabilities to the United States Space Force, United States Department of Commerce, United States Air Force, and National Space Defense Center.

During the 20-3 SACT event, Kayhan Space provided operational satellite conjunction assessment (CA) capabilities. The Kayhan Platform was also tested during a real-world event simulation.

Our company was assigned to the Americas Cell as the only conjunction assessment provider. During the simulated real-world event, we performed analyses on multiple real-world close approach (CA) events and provided recommendations on those events to the site lead. Our company successfully participated in the event and subsequently was acknowledged by the Americas Cell site lead for our timely and continued updates on the simulated CA events.

Commercial SACT events offer the Kayhan Space team a phenomenal opportunity to be exposed to an operational live event and obtain further experience of performing analysis and generating results in a real time setting. These events have also allowed us to thoroughly test Kayhan capabilities, understand our product’s current shortcomings, and make changes to improve them for future use. Furthermore, Commercial SACT granted Kayhan Space a unique opportunity to see beyond our current product suite to plan for future functionalities and capabilities across our product line as we continue to grow.

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