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A high-performance launch conjunction assessment (LCA) software to assess the collision risk of launch trajectories in record time.

Gamut rapidly screens launch vehicles

and the subsequent stages trajectories for potential collisions with space objects.
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Fully automated LCA software that allows commercial launch providers to pre-screen for collision risk of their launch trajectory options before submitting the best options to the Government for clearing.

Screenshot of eForm 22 parser

With the unprecedented increase in commercial launch activities the demand for performing LCA is increasing dramatically, putting a strain on the U.S. Government resources that perform this functionality.

We have designed Gamut with an end-to-end flow in mind. Gamut can ingest the LCA request forms automatically. Simply upload your Form 22 to Gamut and we’ll do the rest.



Scaleable LCA

Gamut leverages the latest high-performance cloud computing technologies such as GPU compute infrastructure, containerization and Kubernetes orchestration for maximum scalability and speed.

Speed & Accuracy

Gamut incorporates advanced astrodynamics screening algorithms to significantly improve software efficiency and accuracy.


Managed API

Kayhan's scalable, highly-available, and secure cloud-based APIs are a popular way of accessing Gamut services.

Cloud UI

Our modern web user interface provides a convenient way to take advantage of Gamut capabilities.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Our open-source SDK makes the integration of Gamut into existing systems simple and easy.


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